Best Horror series-Typewriter

A unique horror series which makes you crave for more

Typewriter is an Indian horror web television series, directed by Sujoy Ghosh. It premiered on Netflix on 19 July 2019.

Watch the trailer (Warning !)

What makes Typewriter a better horror series than many others are two main reasons. First it’s the refreshing presence of the little children who add brave twists.

Second the detailed exploration of the circumstances that led to the birth of the evil. Let’s see this first. Typewriter portrays why we are responsible for letting the horror in our lives rather than getting trapped as victims. These are the reasons:

    1. Rise of the infamous dark evil

Dark entity Fakeer rises out of a base of greed for wealth. The father of a family, was given a merciful death by the Fakeer’s mother using her powers upon his wish. She is treated harshly later by the sons for wanting the property given to her unknowingly. The once good woman turned bitter later resulting in her son becoming the haunting villain of the story.

    2.  Madhav Mathews’s obsessing selfish desire

It was Madhav’s insane desire to write a perfect ghost story which would gain fame that led to inviting the evil ghost directly into his life. He meets Fakeer and starts to slowly fall in his trap for getting more and more of the story. He himself invited the horror in his family’s life.

    3.  The blind attachment of the son

Fakeer’s son became the cause of the evil’s rise again. He didn’t know the truth about who his father really was, he tries to bring him back. This was the final fatal mistake that lead to the horror rising again. It was not his love for a father but dangerous attachment that had no wisdom.

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