The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The secret life of the American teenager-Teen drama series

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The secret life of the American teenager aired on ABC family from July 1, 2008. It’s a show about a teenage girl Amy, a musically talented high school student who has to deal with her unplanned pregnancy. The story revolves around her friends and family who have to get through their own complicated lives.

The show promises a lot of humor. If you want a series that you can chill with, The Secret Life of the American Teenager should be your choice. Here are the things in the show which makes it worth watching:

    1. Ricky Underwood’s evolvement

Ricky was the charming bad boy of the school who slept with most of the girls and cared less about getting close with people who loved him. He had a broken past which led him to a foster home and a tendency to shut himself off to intimacy and connectivity. After he got Amy pregnant unintentionally and she had the baby it was unexpected to see him become a responsible father and so protective of his child. Very slowly and with difficulty he got out of his destructive pattern. Ricky’s character sure makes the show worth watching for 3 seasons.

    2. Amy Juergens  developing her individuality

Amy was initially a timid and scared girl all the time in high school unlike her little sister. Even when she got to know that she was pregnant she went into a state of denial and did not handle it maturely. However, after she became a mother Amy started to speak out her mind more often and stand up for herself. She even made her own decisions, followed her dreams and became forthright with her friends.

    3. Ashley Juergens and Grace Bowman

Characters like Ashley and Grace were refreshing when you had too much of the other mindless characters. Ashley’s personality was unique making her unpredictable at times and interesting to watch. She was wiser in the show than her sister. Grace, one of Amy’s friends was sweet and warm-hearted to help almost anyone. Grace turns from the naive girl-next-door into a strong-minded woman who could make her own choices.

    4. The cool parents of the main characters

Amy’s parents bring humor to the scenes when things get rough. The couple was hilarious to watch. They were caring and supportive throughout her journey of motherhood. Ben’s father was so wise and logical at times that most of the episodes wouldn’t be complete without one of his talks with his son. Also, his relation with Ricky turned out to be something unexpected. The involvement of Adrian’s father in her life in the beginning does not miss out the fun you get out of father daughter rows.


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