The 100

The times ‘The 100’ show questioned humanity

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series that aired on March 19, 2014, on The CW.

The 100 didn’t shy away from portraying the ugly depths to which a race could go without law and order as a civilization or when survival becomes the only goal.

Here are the times in the show when moral dilemmas were evident, even though there are many more:

    1.  Murphy at the mercy of an execution

In the beginning of the show John Murphy, one of the 100 is brutally assaulted for a death by hanging. That too for a crime he did not commit. He wasn’t even given a chance to defend himself. The scene is so horrifying you can’t stop yourself from yelling at the characters to wait and listen to him. It was a relief that he was not killed though.

    2. Clarke and Bellamy killed the innocent Mount Weather people

When Clarke decided to pull the lever at Mount Weather, a horrifying and confusing moment for all of us. Clarke’s own people were held at a compromising situation. We couldn’t decide whether Clarke should think about the common people getting hurt or just save her own people.

    3. Testing the nightblood on grounder at Becca’s lab

How far can you go to save the human race? When Abby and Raven thought of the nightblood as a solution for the coming radiation disaster (Praimfaya), it hadn’t occurred to us that they would have to test the cure on a human first. Seeing the grounder suffer brutally when the cure failed to let the effects of the radiation not harm him was nauseating. He rotted and decapitated, a disgusting sight.

    4. Clarke killed the bird that gave her the survival needs

Agreed Clarke was extremely hungry, tired, thirsty from days walking in the desert searching for shelter after the disastrous Praimfaya. But when a bird leads her to the green valley, she finds so much vegetation and a large lake too. She gives in last moment to her raw primal survival instinct and shoots the bird. She then eats it as her first meal before stepping into the valley.

    5. Turning to cannibalism for a survival option

Rations run out soon in the underground bunker due to a fault in the system during Praimfaya. Having no option, they decide to eat the flesh of their own people who died fighting in the fighting pits. Extremely agonizing and nauseating moments they were. Especially when Octavia takes the guilt and mental pain upon herself to force feed her people who refused to eat rather than watch them die slowly.

    6. The Primes snatching human bodies to be immortal

It was a shock when we came to know that the present Primes were not the descendants but the first ones themselves. They had come to that discovered moon on a mission to find life traces long before Earth faced the nuclear apocalypse. They had been alive till then by extracting their consciousness and placing it forcefully on other humans. Those were deluded into believing that they were offering themselves as sacrifices. The recent season of this show did not fail to reflect on the horrors of human race’s selfish desire to survive longer.

Clarke inside Allie’s (AI) world

Which was more horrifying? Any other scenarios do you remember? Do let me know by leaving a comment.