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Teen Wolf-Lydia Martin the banshee

Here’s why we still love Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin is one of the main characters on Teen Wolf series which aired on MTV.

Lydia played a crucial role in the series. Without her, Scott’s pack would have not gotten out of their troubles many times. Lydia had a lot more in her than to just be a pretty damsel.

    1. She is the most beautiful female of Beacon hills.
Lydia Martin, best female characters-Teen Wolf TV series

She is a banshee, but what makes Lydia more alluring is that she took care of herself no matter what troubles or miseries came along the way. Having to deal with high school stress was not enough in her ill-fate that then she had to bear with knowing when death is hovering, whispering voices, spirits, premonitions. It is despairing that she announced impending disasters all the time but she didn’t let that stop her from taking care of herself.

    2. She basically has to get the feminine charm crown
Lydia Martin, beautiful females-Teen Wolf show

Lydia was a ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ female no doubt but she never lost her femininity. She could defeat the enemies and yet be the sweet girl of the pack. Even after she discovered her powers and handled enemies amazingly, Lydia never became aggressive with her friends. Lydia’s femininity was her strongest essence. Some bad men could be disarmed at times around her. There was power in her true nature.

Now who would not fall for that beautiful smile.

    3. She is the smartest of the smartest.
How to become intelligent-Lydia Martin [Teen Wolf series]

Lydia was the most intelligent one. Initially Lydia had hidden her intelligence to fit in as the popular girl but later she showed to everyone just how smart she was. She had other talents and skills too. She was extremely smart and her intelligence saved her friends’ lives many times like when she saved Scott’s life deducing why he wasn’t healing from his injury and Boyd’s life by suggesting the oxidization method.

I mean if she could get bored with classical Latin, we wouldn’t want to ponder over how smart she is.

    4. She is the epitome of character evolvement.

Hats off to the super powerful Banshee. There are many characters who have evolved but Lydia’s evolvement I believe to be pinnacle in television history.

  • At first Lydia was the snobbish popular girl who didn’t care about anything. As the story continued Lydia started to drop her guard and care for her friends and others.
  • Lydia used to act dumb and suck at most things for her boyfriend’s benefit and to get hold of popular guys. Lydia stopped hiding her intelligence later and showed time and again how smart she really was.
  • First when she triggered her powers, she was terrified. So would you be if you start hallucinating, kept discovering bodies and hearing voices constantly. Later she started to stop resisting and accepted it. Lydia began to trust herself when she came to know her true lineage.
Supernatural female character, Lydia Martin. The Banshee-TV Show
  • Lydia used to behave like a naive damsel in the beginning. As she stared to help her friends more and more, she became stronger. She was not afraid to show it too.
Strongest female characters on TV shows- Lydia Martin [Teen Wolf]
     5She is the unbreakable queen.

Lydia learnt martial arts from Deputy Parrish after she was attacked by the Kanima. She didn’t want to feel helpless anymore. She knew Scott and some of her other friends have werewolf advantages and she didn’t have any. Not wanting to let her loved ones get hurt again she decided to become stronger. Later she knocked down the bad men who tried to stop her from escaping Eichen house. An epic moment that was for Lydia.

Classy characters on TV-Lydia Martin in Teen Wolf. [Supernatural shows]
    6She has cool powers. She is a Banshee!

A female spirit whose wailing warns of impending doom. Not to be fooled by her fairy beauty this pretty girl could blast your head into pieces with just one scream. Lydia’s powers at first might not seem intimidating. The other supernatural beings were far more powerful. Yet when Lydia learnt to use her powers especially her voice as a weapon, she was the most feared one. Even Scott at times couldn’t endure her scream

Super cool Banshee-Supernatural beings in TV shows

Even the wildest of enemies she could take down with her earth-shattering scream. She saved her friend Malia, Stiles, Parrish and Mason with her scream. She was capable of saving herself too, especially when she combined her martial art skills and her voice.

Super cool Banshee-Lyida Martin; TV serial
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Lydia is a dynamic and multifaceted character. What do you love about her? Do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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