Spartacus the historical rebel leader

A legend that is bound to grip you till the end

Spartacus is a series that premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, and was concluded in four seasons.

Spartacus show remains infamous. Moving past the strong language, nudity and simulated (not real; pretend) sex scenes, it is a much better show than the ratings given to it. The war scenes, the fights, the music, the characters, the enemies, the intense plots, the couples, the emotional ups and downs, even the ending is awesome beyond words.

Spartacus. Sura. Crixus

History when told through a visual feast is welcoming to all! The show is based on a Thracian gladiator Spartacus turning into a great rebellion leader who leads a slave uprising against the mighty Roman Republic.

Seeing the rebel and thinking of him as the real person he was is amazing. His tale of leading a revolt has captivated everybody. Every part of the story is interesting from the start till the end. The order of events shown slowly builds your desire to know more.

Starting with how he was captured and bought as a slave, when he rises with difficulty as a gladiator campion, the show moves to a fast pace. The slaves being mistreated by the romans cruelty and the acts they were forced to do builds your aggression to want to be free along with the gladiators.

The last episode in season 1 was the best start to the major uprising. Spartacus along with his fellow gladiators take down the Ludus House and bring the end of Batiatus rule. The foundation to the mighty rebellion is set after which you cannot stop watching.

The sequence of the show is what’s best where it starts from the arena, moves to freeing slaves from harbours and mines, adding ranks to their cause, to the famous Mount Vesuvius fight.

From there it goes to killing the Roman leader Legatus Glaber (who condemned Spartacus’s wife to slavery), capturing cities, the killing of the roman prisoners in gladiator games to honor their dead, ultimately to the legion Marcus Crassus himself.

You will be feeling as part of the rebellion yourself as you watch full course. And every victory yours! Every loss your pain.

The major characters’ journey from a small insignificant start to how they play a great role in the rebellion war is interesting. Gannicus, Crixus, Oenomaus, Agron all evolve in such a way that the unexpected warms your heart. The love pairings feel close to your heart, the main one being Spartacus and his wife Sura.

You can watch how he was an honorable man who keeps his word always and looks at every life as valuable. He won loyalty through unity and motivation, not by fear and whip like the Romans do. He even restrained from harming innocent common Romans who stood as war casualties.

The scene where the freed slaves thank him in the end for all he has done for them is overwhelming.

The ending is so heartbreaking you will feel for the man who took the heavy burden upon himself knowing that freedom does not come without cost and every war demands sacrifice.

When Spartacus is in his last moments, you will realize the absence of happiness and void emptiness the man lived through his whole life, after his world turned upside down when Sura was taken away from him. That is heart crushing I am warning you beforehand.

Spartacus is a wonderful show for all. A treat especially for the historical lovers. It’s a must watch!


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