Legacies-TV series

The legendary Hope Mikaelson. A complex character to love

Legacies is a series created by Julie Plec, that premiered on The CW on October 25, 2018. It is a spin-off of The Originals.

Hope Mikaelson is an enigmatic character to understand and analyze. She is not what one expects her to be and full of surprises. That is what makes her so likeable. She is multifaceted. Check out the cool reasons:

1. Hope is powerful beyond estimation.

Being a Tribrid gives her powers a lot more than the other supernatural creatures. She is the only one of her kind which adds the awe to her character. Hope is a descendent of a powerful witch which is why she is so awesome at casting spells, hexes and curses. Her vampire side gives her flexibility and agility. Her father was an original hybrid. Also her blood has healing powers.

Hope Mikaleson powers. Best female characters- TV series

The Cresent wolf’s line which she got from her mother makes her stronger and faster. She could contain the Hollow’s darkness in her longer than her family could being divided. Now she is fated to be Malivore’s destruction. She has been invincible to so many destructive attacks. Hope was powerful since a baby we can see in The Originals.

2. She gets her warm kindness from Elijah.

Hope’s uncle Elijah was a noble and kind vampire. You can see easily that Hope gets this unique trait for a supernatural being from him. Despite being the most powerful and strongest she behaves kindly with humans. A trait lacking in most predatory creatures. She associates friendly like a normal human.

Hope Mikaleson is very kind- The Originals.- TV show

When you first start to watch her story, you expect her to be like her father Klaus, intimidating and scary. But no, Hope stands different. A quality which pulls you towards her character. We see that she understands Lizzie’s temperament and her struggles. She helps Raphael. She did so much for Landon initially.

3. An absence of status superiority in her.

Klaus was arrogant and egoistic. Most powerful supernatural creatures are because they see themselves above petty humans. Also, Hope is entitled belonging to a great legacy. She is royal in the sense of the supernatural reign. Her origin is from the immortal and royal bloodlines. Yet Hope does not put down others to make herself feel good.

Hope Mikaelson, a favourite character- TV show

She is quite down to earth with friends and acquaintances below her station. Yes she may be bratty at times but does not behave like a spoiled one. You can excuse her some moments after all she is royalty. Her affection to Landon says enough for this. She did not like the bullies and troubled teenage boys.

4. Her resourcefulness despite being different.

Hope is a unique supernatural girl who has been to a supernatural school since seven. She has not had a normal childhood given her family’s crazy legacy and has not interacted much with the human world for the dangers that might harm her. Also, she loses her parents much earlier. All alone in the world despite Alaric(mentor) and her schoolmates.

Hope Mikaelson the strongest character in Legacies- TV show

Yet she has learnt to take care of herself. She knows how to survive in the outside world. Well aware of the way the world works. She is intelligent enough to free herself out of insurmountable situations. Like the time she managed to escape from inside Malivore. Or when she made her way through Mystic Falls high school.

5. The girl’s emotional baggage and epic legacy.

From the moment she was in her mother’s stomach till the time she became a teenager, Hope has been the miracle child. Ill-fated prophecy regarding her birth, family’s history and enemies, her inherited powers, the constant threat to her life and the burden of having to be the savior, allures you to her. Believing herself to be a cosmic mistake with no purpose she is trying to find her value in the world.

Hope Mikaelson- TV serial

She feels the guilt for not having done much to save her family because they sacrificed so much for her. Hope feels worthless if she is not constantly working to save everyone. So she carries the responsibility on herself. Shuts herself off to emotional intimacy. She does not spend her time as a teenager instead. Elijah was right. Being the family’s savior wasn’t her burden to bear.

6. She is not afraid to be alone.

Hope is strong, we can surely give her that credit. Yet what makes her so cool is that she is strong enough to be a ‘lone wolf’. Not that she does not miss the good times her friends have around her. She does but she can work alone. Hope is selfless not expecting gratitude or acknowledgement for her heroic acts.

Hope Mikaelson, powerful character in Legacies- TV series

Quality that amazes us all. While everyone’s busy with their drama, she is out keeping everyone safe. We feel sad for the Tribrid. She is rather out on a one-woman mission than at a school party. Hope insists on working alone every time with Alaric.

7. Her vulnerability stands out.

Despite her powers and toughness, Hope is a soft girl from inside. At times we are surprised she is a supernatural being. She considers Alaric as close as a father. She becomes open to the twins for a close friendship. In time she has grown fondness for her school friends. It was an unexpected moment also when she spoke dreamily of Landon.

Hope Mikaelson best acting in Legacies- TV show

The scene when she cried in front of Alaric (Season 2: Ep 2), was heart-breaking to all fans. When she cried after talking to Landon, we cried with her. It’s so bad that her world has forgotten her existence after having done so much for them.

8. Hope is a mystifying beauty! She is sassy.

Last but not a lowest reason, Hope is a beautiful girl. She is the prettiest female out of all supernatural ones to me. Danielle Rose Russell does superb acting that no can beat on Legacies. The powerful scenes, the fights, the sarcastic lines, emotional breakdowns, sweet actions, etc she tops all. She brings out the multidimensional sides amazingly.

Hope Mikaelson beautiful character in Legacies- TV show

It’s a visual treat to watch her on the show. Eager to see the coming episodes of Legacies.

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