Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

Some truths the show Criminal Minds made us realize.

Criminal Minds is an elite profilers’ procedural crime drama where the most dangerous criminals are analyzed before they make their next move. The show aired on CBS on 22 September, 2005.

Here are the important things the show made us aware about:

    1. The shaping of innocent consciousness

Most of the criminals or psychopaths’ main cause for becoming the horrifying persona is the brutal childhood abuse they went through either physically or sexually. Many serial killers and offenders have been tortured by their parents especially fathers. In a tender age when they had to be protected, cherished and taken care of they were living a hellish life.

    2. Control and power are what they seek

Every individual only seeks happiness in reality. He seeks in various forms. Through materials, wealth, relationships, fame and so on. These criminals sought for it through control and power because that gave them the escape from their brutal reality. To say they derived pleasure through these two things would be an understatement.

    3. In the end you become what you choose.

While the first point is true, we also see that some of them rise above their childhood traumas. Derek and Hotch made choices to not let themselves become what the men in their lives were and for what they did to them. Many children of the criminals also choose a life devoid of hate and violence.

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What other things you have realized by watching Criminal Minds? Do let me know by leaving a comment.

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