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Aladdin-Sony Sab

10 best reasons you must watch Aladdin on Sony Sab

Aladdin is an Indian television series. Sony Sab aired this popular show since 21st August and it’s been a year now. It has captured many fans. A journey which flaunts the famous kingdom of Baghdad, far-off picturesque places and magic. The story is centered around the hero Aladdin, his adventures and the epic love story with his beloved princess Yasmine (Jasmine). The show is based on ‘Aladdin and the magic lamp’ from ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ with its own version.

Watch the first look of Aladdin
Here are the 10 reasons why you need to watch this enchanting story:

    1. Aladdin, the hero of the tale.

Aladdin’s character is portrayed by the famous child actor Siddharth Nigam. He brings out this Arabian Nights’ lovable street urchin alive with his hilarious actions, dramatic expressions, winning smiles, heart-melting poetic dialogues and the signature cap-straightening move.

“Aise dildaar Aladdin ke liye kaise na pighle ga dil?”

He won the hearts of many in the first episode itself when we get to see him feed a hungry boy on the streets. There was the similarity to the fairy tale.

    2. The majestic princess Yasmine.

Our favourite and sassy princess, Yasmine is portrayed by talented and beautiful Avneet Kuar. No one else can slay the role as she does. Strong, fearless, independent-minded, outspoken and highly self-esteemed princess of Baghdad, the Sultan’s only heir. She dreams only of sitting on the throne of Baghdad to rule as Sultana, to dispense justice to her people. She was Disney’s early middle-eastern feminist

Both beautiful and a warrior princess, she is nowhere naive or demure. When Aladdin was imagining as how she could be after having grown up, we get to see the exact opposite of his description. In that first episode itself she stole our hearts and also when she returned the evil Zafar’s advances towards her in a smart way.

    3. The adorable Genie.

Need I say more. Genie is the best character in Aladdin. He is funny, innocent, dumb at times, loving, loyal companion, good-hearted and powerful. Genie’s character adds liveliness and excitement to this show. He makes us laugh at his quirky ways and failing attempts in magic, due to being trapped inside the magic lamp for 500 years. Yet he is a powerful character with his magical powers. I would say the Genie here is an exact adaptation of the fairy tale one.

Even after he takes on a powerful persona later in the show, he is an interesting character arc to watch. If not for anyone else, the show is a must watch for our beloved Genie.

    4. Aladdin and Yasmine.

Siddharth and Avneet are perfect for the role of one of the best disney couples. Their innocent and sweet love is portrayed beautifully. Aladdin loved the princess from the moment he had first seen her since he was a child and that, could not have been shown more perfect than the show did at the start itself. For sure you will be rooting for the couple too at the first sight.

After many years when Aladdin met her first time, he didn’t know that she is princess Yasmine herself. Neither did Yasmine know the identity of the ‘Black Thief’ of Baghdad. That’s what set the foundation for their love since they came to know each other for who they are at their core and accepted it, as per the story.

Their first meeting was hilarious.
That epic moment when Aladdin first saw Yasmine
His star struck fall at that moment.

Their constant bickering, fights, adventures, falling into trouble be it in the desert, jungle or town streets and saving each other are a treat to watch. Curious to know when and how Aladdin came to know about her real identity, watch the show.

    5. The lavishness of Baghdad.

The opulent palace, the outskirts of town, the bazaars, the square streets, the deserts are shown brilliantly highlighting the golden Islamic period and the affluence and richness of the middle-east. Seeing Baghdad in its full glory here is definitely enough to make us yearn for the journey. 

    6. The extravagant costumes. 

Each of the characters costumes has been matched correctly. The costumes have been designed exclusively. Especially one of Disney’s deadliest villain, Zafar’s evil look. Aladdin’s harem pants have become a style icon we know that. Yasmine looks more royal in every other dress. Aladdin’s parents have got costumes suiting their roles too.

    7. The comical supporting characters.

A good laugh in almost every episode

Piddi(loosely based on Sadera I believe)the lady-in-waiting, Gulbadan who is Aladdin’s cousin, the Sultan, and Aladdin’s uncle add the touch of humour needed with the other focused characters. The show promises a lot of comedy and funny scenes making it an amusing family show. 

    8. Mechanicles’s scientific inventions.

One of the best parts of the show is character Bulbul chacha (Mechanicles). His inventions and geek geniusness is shown exactly correct. For now he is portrayed as good and helping the protagonist. Stating that in future ‘this invention’ will be used, all our present time technology has been shown. It’s so much fun to watch them and guess the tech beforehand.

Gps installed ipad, solar power generation, telescope..
Projector, satellite imaging..

    9. The show’s beautiful music and songs.

The show has entertaining background music and songs like Zafar’s eerie tune, Genie’s uplifting tune, Aladdin’s entry theme, Yasmine’s theme, Aladdin and Yasmine love song.

Also, Aladdin gives Bollywood most of the songs!

“Ab yeh konsa gaana hai?”

Aladdin: Hai toh nahi, lekhin ek din banega zaroor!”

Aladdin’s poetic shaayiri is what makes the show worth watching. To relive the good old lyrics is music for the ears. He manages to create songs in every circumstance. Yes of course, he states that they will be created in the future.

    10. Magical Fantasy.

The magic lamp, Genie’s spells, the magic carpet, the Cave of Wonders.. the show has a lot to offer for a visual treat. Takes you off to another world.

These are the 10 best reasons to watch Aladdin. Now when will you join Aladdin on his adventures?

You can get the episodes on SonyLIV (with subtitles)


Which reason do you like the best? Do let me know by writing a comment below.

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