“No greater joy than sharing your love for a fandom”

Hey there! I am Karuna.

The pleasure of escaping into the fantasy world  to miss reality for some time is enticing. Don’t you think?

I have loved watching TV shows ever since I was a teenager. My very first series was Pretty Little Liars. It was so comforting relating to the characters and their teen life trouble. I guess that’s where the passion began when I could start to understand the reasons behind the characters’ actions.

Whenever I could feel their emotions, relate to their dilemma, see myself in their shoes, my craving for new stories increased over time. The fiction world became another but a similar world of mine. Shows like The Originals and Teen Wolf  brings out the nostalgia. Hmm the good old times.

The best part of watching fiction is analyzing the story. That’s why the idea struck me. Why not start a space where I could create critic pieces? Writing is another one of my feel good passion too. This place gives best of both worlds. And what’s more exciting than connecting with other fans and letting them be a part of the fantasy world. 

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoy your time here ! Do check out my blog for more info.