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Welcome! This is my first post. Explore why fiction is so alluring to all.

Ever pondered over why you can’t stop watching a series? Why you want that novel you are reading to never end?

Fiction is our very own world where we find our hidden desires and discover the unexplored fears.
 And that world is not real which makes it easier and less dangerous for us.

Watching the real nature of a human in front of us on a screen keeps us hooked on, when it’s shown through a character’s flaws and imperfections. Aren’t you drawn effortlessly to a character whose humanity is explored on a show?

To look into the mirror of our shortcomings is awareness. You know right those destructive habits and patterns of ours we refuse to admit. When we see those played out by a character or shown in the circumstances of the plot, we realize and relate.

Sometimes we make changes. Especially when we make changes, fiction becomes really important. That’s another part to explore some other time.

Now when you start to 
love the traits of a character or the sudden turns in a story, a huge part of you is clinging to the world inside the book you are reading.

Its no wonder right you don’t want the story to get over. The characters are your friends, the protagonist is you or maybe the grey shaded hero and the journey there is your life.

Another best reason is that of course the part when you connect with fans. The ones who love the same story or the character as you do.

Reading a book or watching a movie and then having discussions with your fellow fans lets you relive the whole experience which is more addictive.

So, make sure that  you do not let these personas take over you outside of your fiction world! Live vicariously through them. Or else it will become dangerous! 

Excited to know more? Stay tuned to my next post.

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